Friday Five: April Fitness Goals

So, today was destined to be a good day. First of all, FRIDAYAY. Secondly, this is a fun thing to be able to say:


Don’t get me wrong — March was an overall great month for me. I’m just stoked we’re counting down the days til it feels like Spring has truly sprung, and “April” just sounds so much happier. It’s really such a nice word, too, I think, and I’m all about words that make me happy. 🙂

What’re you looking forward to in April? I have some good things: my man’s bday, the arrival of my bff’s second baby, a family trip to Chicago, and nicer weather for running —

Which segues nicely into this week’s Friday Five Linkup theme with the DC Ladies Mar, Courtney & Cynthia:

5 April Fitness Goals

  1. More morning running. I miss my days of running outdoors regularly at 6am before work, and with the advent of warmer weather, I’m determined to get back that. I’m making it a goal to run before work at least two days a week this month, on top of one after-work run and my weekend runs. This also means earlier bedtimes, I hope!
  2. Easy does it with the leg workouts. Granted, I’m saying this in the wake of a “Whoops that was too much” leg workout earlier this week from which I’m still unable to walk easily, but I really do try not to overdo it on the leg strength session when I’m training for a race, as it negatively impacts my ability to run in a big way. With the BK Half coming up in May, I need to keep my legs in good running shape (ie, I’d like to be able to walk without wincing). 😉
  3. Strength train 2x a week. This has been going really well and I want to keep doing 2 mornings a week, primarily upper body (see #2 above!). Push-ups, kettlebells and planks are the name of my game, and I’m really happy with how strong I feel.
  4. Speedwork. Okay, so this is something I’ve rarely incorporated into my exercise routine, and never consistently — but the past two weeks I’ve done a bit, and I rather enjoyed it. I want to try to commit to one speed workout a week and take it from there, even if it’s nothing too crazy. I think it’ll be good for me.
  5. Watch the nutrition carefully. To me, healthy living is a balance between working out and paying close attention to what I eat, and I’ve been feeling better lately since I’ve made an effort to clean it up even more. I’m eating almost entirely gluten and dairy free, with very little sugar or processed foods, and eating a lot of lean protein and good fats — and I’m happy with the results and want to keep monitoring what I eat and how I feel.

With that, I’m off to see a client, meet the boyfriend and kick off this wonderful weekend! Hope your Friday finds you in high spirits as well!

Enjoy today, friends. ❤

Any April goals, fitness or otherwise?
What’s April weather like where you are?
Favorite “clean eating” meal or snack?


lake living: running & romping

hi friends! happy Monday. hope you all had lovely weekends.

i know i did! on this first weekend of completely wonderful Spring weather, this was my beautiful view for the weekend:

not so bad. definitely looking forward to a looooot of this this Spring and Summer. thanks, parents.

i had some great 5-6 milers upstate this weekend. although it’s hilly no matter where i run from my parents’ house, i always love running in the country. i had a great 6-miler (stopped my app too soon, but finished just over 6) on Saturday:

photo 1splits were a bit slower to accommodate for the hills, but i’m not worried about it. to be expected, and i entirely enjoyed this run.

i managed to get in plenty of good cuddle seshes/yard romps with the Quinners this weekend as well:

she’s one of the best things in my life right now. i can’t even take how obsessed i am with this girl. i helped Ryan give her a bath on Saturday, which was hilarious.  and then i encouraged her to roll around on the lawn pretty shortly after.

photo 2

that’s a real connection right there. i think we “get” each other because we are both such big goofballs at heart. 🙂

the weekend also included a fun night of dancing with some of the salsa crew, at what might be the sketchiest bar i’ve ever been to in my life. but hey, it’s the people who make the place, right? unless you have laser beams. then it’s definitely those.

i’m always a bit bummed to leave home after a fabulous weekend, but i’m thankful i have such a great city and life to return to in the Big Apple. i woke up ready to start my Monday with another warm (but breezy) river run:


photo 2my legs felt a bit sluggish but i was happy with this run, and it was an absolutely gorgeous morning. i’m so, so thrilled to be able to run in just tank tops outside again!

i also passed a really colorful, conspicuously cool art work structure on the running path south of Chelsea Piers:

i honestly have no idea what it is and didn’t stop to read the little art sign (bad, i know), but it’s clearly a memorial of some sort because the whole structure is covered with lists of people’s names. i’ll have to pay closer attention next time. at first glance, i was just struck by the massive size and vibrant splashes of color it added to the river path. i love this about NYC, how exhibitions and pieces will pop up all over the place and catch you off guard. this is a city of surprises.

so it’s safe to say that i’m having a wonderful Monday, still riding on the coattails of a beautiful, fabulous weekend. i also just had my favorite lunch ever: Whole Foods salad bars. seriously, it doesn’t get any better than that for me. the Whole Foods in TriBeCa is a short walk from my office, so one of my friends and i love to make it our warm-weather lunch jaunt.

Photoi know i don’t post a whole lot about my food consumption, which is rare in the “healthy living” blog community, but i just don’t see it as a necessary focus for my blog. i generally eat really healthy 99% of the time, so i’m pretty sure that lots of pictures of salads, fruit & cottage cheese, and roasted Brussels sprouts won’t make anyone’s day. just sayin’.

this amazing lunch was a mixture of arugula, baked falafel, purple cauliflower, sweet potatoes, a little tabouleh and a little plain baked chicken. everything was delicious and i ate every last bite.

hope you’re having a wonderful start to your week, friends! this is a short week for me, as we have Good Friday off and i head back home on Thursday night. stoked for that!

Weekend highlights? Did you get outside and do anything fun?
What’s your fave lunch option?