the thankful-est of weekends.

i’m not sure i could have had any better of a Thanksgiving holiday and weekend than i did, and i hope all of you are feeling the same. it was exactly the weekend i was looking forward to upstate…

fam time. boyfriend time. best friend time. running. sushi. wine. movies. relaxing.

it was pretty darn perfect.

some highlights:

*Wed night sushi date with the boyf at a new-to-us place: Nishiki Sushi in East Greenbush. it was really good — definitely a return-to-soon spot that i can see becoming a regular date place — and we ran into friends unexpectedly and celebrated Johnny’s birthday dinner with them, which was a blast. friendsit’s a family-owned business and our friends are regulars who know the owner (and have their own chop sticks behind the bar, in little boxes with their names on them!), so she came out and chatted with us and surprised him with dessert and by playing “Happy Birthday” over the system and having us all sing. it was a great start to my long weekend, and i’ll definitely return here.
boati mean, who doesn’t love a sushi boat?!

*Thursday morning, the boy and i got ourselves up at 6:30 to run the Troy Turkey Trot 10K at 8am. it was our first race together and i totally failed at capturing it on camera (whoops), so the best i can do is steal these off the site and pretend we all love having watermarks over our faces:boy

we had a lot of fun (minus my weird stomach issues that almost ruined it for me and unfortunately added a 3-4 minute stop to our time…which would be about 50 minutes otherwise, so i’d have been happy with that!). i haven’t run any shorter races in a couple of years — probably since i ran this one 2 years ago?! — and it was a nice change. it was also such a beautiful morning for a race, and who doesn’t feel better about laying around and eating/drinking all day if you run in the morning?? such a great way to start a day that’s dedicated to thankfulness, by doing something i’m thankful i’m healthy enough to do, with someone i’m so thankful to have in my life. 🙂

i hope you all had wonderful Thanksgivings and were blessed with so much for which to be thankful.FullSizeRender

Friday morning i got myself out for a hilly 9-mile run on fairly tired legs and was pretty spent by the end of it, but so glad i did it. i did a little shopping with the fam before meeting the boy to see Spectre, which we’ve been meaning to see for weeks now. SITE_STANDEE_V2-1000x1000i’m a fan of the Daniel Craig Bond movies (okay so they’re the only Bonds i’ve seen, but still, i really like them), so this didn’t disappoint. & it really made me want to pick up and go to Europe asap.

Saturday was a gym sesh & relaxing with the boy, then a relaxing dinner & movie night double date at my BFF’s (sushi, stir fry, red wine & Pitch Perfect 2 with some of my favorite people in the world –> perfection).

Sunday i eeked out 3 quick miles before church, for a total of 18 miles over this holiday weekend at home, so i feel pretty good about that!

the only thing i wish is that i had more photos to share with you of my wonderful weekend at home…but hopefully i’ll do better about that next time. 🙂

hope you all had blessed, lovely, thankful holiday weekends full of your favorite humans & all things wonderful!

Tell me something great from your Thanksgiving weekend!
Anyone else run a Turkey Trot?


weekly workouts {11/19-11/25}

Thurs, 11/19: 5 mile run
Fri, 11/20: i think i rested but i honestly can’t really remember. i went out Thursday night to a work event, so probably rested. let’s go with that.
Sat, 11/21: 11 mile run; 4 minutes of planks; all the stretching. felt sooooo good.
Sun, 11/22: 6 mile early run (before spending the day with my BFF!)
Mon, 11/23: rest. drank a lil too much wine Sunday night while watching Scandal in bed and couldn’t get up. whoops.
Tues, 11/24: hour + of total body workout: kettlebells, free weights, back machines, planks, inclines, all sorts of lunges/squat jumps etc. really good workout (from which i’m quite sore today…that oh-so-good sore!).
Wed, 11/25 (today): 3.5 mile treadmill run; 5 minutes of planks. hips are so sore from yesterday.

total weekly mileage: 25.5. more than last week, thanks to the 11-miler.
thoughts: i really don’t want to give in and run on the treadmill much this winter. this morning’s quick run wasn’t the worst, but i just don’t feel like i’m getting as good of a workout on a treadmill (or enjoying it as much), so i need to better prepare myself for the cold-and-dark run combo that will be my winter running life. overall, i feel like i had a good run week, but wish i hadn’t taken Friday off from working out. aka, going out on a weeknight is not in my life plan anymore. 🙂

on a totally different note…Happy Thanksgiving Eve, my lovely friends.
anyone running a Turkey Trot tomorrow? the boyfriend & i are doing the Troy Turkey Trot 10K together bright-n-early, so i’m really looking forward to that. i swear i didn’t choose him just b/c he likes to run with me… 😉


travel safe, be healthy & stay thankful, friends. ❤

What are your Thanksgiving plans?
Anyone else turkey trotting? Where at?
For what are you thankful this year?

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

holy holidays, this whole once-a-week blogging thing really needs to stop. i love having a blog. i love writing. i don’t love when i don’t write and neglect my blog. life fail.

but you know what wasn’t a life fail? my 6am run this morning. after a long, restful, family and friend (and sleep and wine) filled weekend upstate, i guess i returned well-rested and motivated or something, because this morning’s (in the dark) run just felt amazing. really needed this.photoit was also 54 degrees out on December 1st — how’s that for a hellllooooo, Decemberrrrrr?! running in the early-morning dark in a lightweight shirt and capris just weeks before Christmas? i’m lovin’ this Indian Autumn, or whatever we shall call it.

photoso, how were your Thanksgivings, friends? mine was amazing, especially because i was off from life work since last Tuesday and spent 5 days upstate doing as little as possible. i mean, i devoted plenty of time to the important things, of course (minus writing…brrrpppp somehow that fell by the wayside): there was plenty of running, gym time, family time, sweats and gym clothes ’round the clock, wine, good food, movies and sleep. i think i covered all the basics there.


my adventures in pie baking; writing my final final of the semester(!!); at the gym on Thanksgiving morning

equally breathtaking in every season...this view never gets old

equally breathtaking in every season…favorite morning view

hazy light, new snow and some geese

hazy light, new snow and some geese

really into this wine, too, which my mom and i enjoyed this weekend: Joseph Carr’s “Josh” Pinot Noir. so good.

1_131998750_3annnnd we can’t forget about this little nugget face, who lights up my life every time i see him — even though he still refuses to keep his eyes open when i’m around. i’m going to go ahead and give myself props for this and say it’s because he’s just sooooo relaxed and comfortable in my lap. otherwise i’m going to start developing some sort of baby-boring complex or something, because seriously — the kid sleeps the entire time i’m there. it’s crazy. but i forgive him because, well, look at this face?!


i also saw a few movies over break and have determined that 1) Channing Tatum is actually hilarious (21/22 Jump St, anyone?!) and 2) not all Johnny Depp movies are amazing (Transcendence just wasn’t what i hoped).

oh, and my creative writing? it’s still happening. thanks for asking, friends. 🙂

photohappy December 1st, lovies! ❤

How was your Thanksgiving?
How’s the running going, runners? Any killer runs to talk about lately?
Pie preference: apple or pumpkin?

Give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. hope you’re all feeling super blessed and refreshed today, and focusing on what this holiday is all about…

and following it up with pie, of course. because thankfulness + pie = one sweet combo.

whether you’re traveling or staying right in the comfort of your own home, i wish you all a safe, happy, healthy Thanksgiving full of laughter, love, good food and better company. i hope you’re able to take a quiet moment and truly consider that in your life for which you’re thankful above all else; those people or things who make the world a genuinely beautiful place.


on this Thanksgiving, sitting home with my family, i’m overwhelmed with love and gratitude just knowing that the four of us — and our three amazing pups — are together in this place, safe & sound, talking or not talking, but simply breathing the same air and knowing what the definition of “belong” truly feels like settling into your bones, pushing out beneath your skin until you feel as though your very heart might burst.

it is finding love and contentment in the little moments of our everyday lives that teaches us the true meaning of thankfulness, i believe. and there are no words for things like that.


faith, family, friendship…and salsa dancing last night til the wee hours of the morning. for those things today, i’m more than thankful. (even if it did mean i slept right through this morning’s Turkey Trot. sometimes, priorities just get a bit flipped, and brother/sister salsa night trumps my running obsession. zero regrets here.)


Question: For what are you most thankful today?