Simplicity, Pumpkin Spice & I’m Published! (TOLT)

Thursday means a big shout-out-thanks to Amanda @ Running With Spoons, I get a chance to rant all over the place today and use it as an excuse to linkup with some other fun bloggers.


1. So first off, I just received an email (literally like 3 minutes ago) that a piece I recently submitted to Thought Catalog was accepted (!!!), so I’m currently really excited about that. I’ve published this piece on my Mogul site before, but I’m a huge Thought Catalog fan and definitely feel I can get more exposure being published there. 

My piece: You Have the Right to Remain Single

I’ve written quite a few memoir pieces over the years and this one (written this past year) holds a special place in my heart, so I’m over the moon thrilled and so very flattered that it was published on this site. I have a writer’s page now as well, so I hope to continue to push myself to write content worthy of being published. (PS – If you’ve never checked out this site, do yourself a big favor and start perusing — there are so many great reads!)


2. I have big plans to be all outdoorsy this weekend, as the boy and I are going to drive a bit north of the city and go for a hike on Saturday, which is something we’ve been talking about doing for a while. September seems like the ideal time to hike in NY, so I’m stoked to get out of the city and explore some new-to-us paths and towns along the Hudson. It’s crazy to me that I live so close to these quaint little towns and gorgeous hiking trails, and yet I’ve barely explored any of that area. Time to change that! And I already know I’m going to want to go again once the leaves start to change and take in all that beauty.

3. Has anyone tried these alluring bars of healthy goodness yet? 

pumpkin-spice-rxbarThe only RxBar I’ve tried so far is the blueberry, which I rather enjoyed, so I figured I should buy a box of the seasonal pumpkin spice flavor while it’s available and show down on those as a wholesome way to welcome the start of Autumn. I’ve basically given up all bars except for the occasional Larabar (as they’re only dates and nuts), but I know these are also clean-eating friendly and whole food based, so I figured I’ll give ’em a whirl. Aka I blindly ordered a box off Amazon and really hope I like them. 

4. I feel like I’m getting a bit “bored” (not sure that’s exactly the right word but it’s in that wheelhouse so I’m sticking with that for now) with my workouts lately. I think I’m missing the high-intensity of the boot camp classes I used to take and need to up the kettlebell, plyo, TRX sessions to at least two a week. I’d love to try Orange Theory or do Class Pass, but right now my schedule is so restricted that really the only way for me to workout is either to wake up and immediately go running along the Hudson or else go two flights down to my apartment building gym and push myself as hard as I can without a trainer screaming at me to do another push-up until I fall on my face. Maybe I should take advantage of some of the Nike workouts, or look for suggestions online. Any thoughts? 

5. I’m currently reading The Untethered Soul and having mixed feelings about it. It’s very heady and zen, which I don’t really mind, except that while it does force me to think about the process of thinking and taking ownership of my consciousness (and not really being someone who is stuck inside her head too much or does much over thinking at all, some of it is a bit hit-or-miss for me), the primary affect it’s having on me is to make me wish I was really good at yoga (aka flexible at all) and send me searching for cool yoga pants online from which to start my own stretching practice in my bedroom. Apparently I associate meditation with lying on a mat in cute patterns and practicing gratitude… and I’m okay with that. I’m just not quite sure that’s what the author was going for. 

6. Been feeling a pull lately to really embrace simplicity more in the way I live, which is spurring me to want to dump the entire contents of my closet (and dressers, and beneath-the-bed bins) onto my floor and really contemplate what I can live without. This then led me to think about the kind of life I’d like to lead right now, which brought me to thoughts of moving somewhere super granola outdoorsy, surrounded by natural beauty, where I can engage in all sorts of physical outdoor activities to my heart’s content on a year-round basis and feel really centered and balanced. And that led me to thinking about what a complete overhaul of my closet would look like and what sort of clothing best represents me…and a few minutes later, I’d purchased a sweet Patagonia jacket from Backcountry. I mean, I can totally justify the jacket and love it, but find it sort of hilarious that a thought process starting with “simplify your life” and then going to “get rid of unnecessary stuff” finally led to “buy something new.” But I’m going to tackle the purge soon, I swear. This is just extra fuel for that fire. 😉

I think that’s enough ranting for today! Feel free to tell me something random from your week.


I was published on Thought Catalog!!!

this has been an incredible Friday in my life. i got a great new haircut today, and i went to an amazing outdoor dance show in Central Park tonight (that i’ll recap later), and i just had an all-over great day.

but the most wonderful part of it all was the news that my submission to Thought Catalog was accepted and published today!


i’m such a fan of that site and love reading the pieces there, and i submitted a piece a few weeks ago totally on a whim. i haven’t shared any of my personal or creative writing on here, as that isn’t the vibe of this blog, but i’d love it if you’d read my piece on Thought Catalog and share my excitement with me.

What it’s Like to have a Wanderlust Soul

photo 1

thanks for reading, friends! xo

Friday Five {2.28.14}

1. holy sickness. i can’t even begin to explain to you guys how rough this past week has been. pretty sure i haven’t been this down-for-the-count in a good 15 years or so. thankfully, my bosses are so understanding and my parents’ house is only a couple of hours away, soooo i hopped a train upstate on Wednesday and i’m camped out at the lake house to ride this out.

i’m on the mend, but it’s been a misery trip for a week +. if i die at this point, i’m pretty sure it’ll be from the amount of drugs i have swimming around in my system. this has been a humbling lesson in not taking my health for granted and in knowing when to slow down, which can be very difficult for me. laying in bed for a week is my idea of pure torture, and although i’ve managed some scattered workouts, they’ve been much fewer and less intense, and there’s been very little running. like i said, misery.

2. out on the town. i did manage to get gussied up and drag myself to a charity gala last Saturday night, even though i didn’t feel great (and woke up feeling 100 times worse the next morning). this is the 3rd year i’ve attended the annual Big Night Out, a fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC (for which i am a volunteer), held at Cipriani’s in the Financial District. it’s such a fun event at a beautiful venue, with poker tables and drinks and a silent auction and dancing…and i had a new dress, and i’d gotten my hair done that day…’nuff said. no sickness was going to keep me indoors that night.

3. read. 50 Rules for Daughters on Thought Catalog. read it if you have a daughter, or if you are a daughter, or know any women or girls or daughters. it’s really good. i especially like that it’s written by a man, who has taken great pains to put together a list of “this is what girls should be like” for his two daughters. it’s honest, it’s charming, it’s funny, it’s sweet, and it’s heartfelt. i probably need to print this out and hang it on my wall. although i’d be wary to ask my dad to ever write one of these…

4. believe. i know i’m guilty of getting so caught up in the busy-ness of life and feeling frustrated by what seems like my inability to chase my dreams or pursue my passions, when i have so many things i have to do right in front of me. i forget to revel in the very goodness of God on the most simplistic level and find the essence of my identity there, so caught up am i in what i want and in my selfish feelings of unfulfillment. God’s plan is always perfect; our hesitance to trust Him is what hinders us.


5. truth of the week.

doyoursquatssounds about right.

Tell me the high and low of your week! My high was the gala (and getting to spend time at home!), and my low was definitely this ridiculous sick thing i have going on!


Fun Facts Friday (11/8/13)

Yes, yes, I’m alive. Up to my eyes in life craziness lately and sadly, this little corner of my universe got neglected due to the whirlwind I found myself in this week! That, and I just didn’t have a lot of exciting things to talk about.

1. I met my new “Little Sister” yesterday. I am the coordinator for my company’s mentoring partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC, which is an amazing organization in which I’m really happy to be involved. We have a new set of students this year, all 10th graders, and I absolutely love my Little. She’s adorable beyond words, and we quickly discovered that we have so much in common, it’s quiet uncanny! She loves to read and write; she plays piano, sings and acts; she’s a super dedicated student; she’s a Christian and very involved in her church; and she’s a picky eater. Umm, hello, match made in Heaven. I’m stoked about getting to know her better and couldn’t be happier with this pairing.

2. If you read one thing today, read this: Thought Catalog’s 23 Priceless Habits That Will Make You Your Greatest Self. Such a beautifully-phrased list of “words to live by,” and I feel like I want to read this every morning to remind myself of this continual life journey I’m on to become the best version of me I can possibly be. We’re so often afraid to live out of the fullness of who we really are, influenced as we may be by society or peers or family legacies or career pressures or the environments in which we find ourselves. Sometimes, all it takes is some personal time to stop and think about what it means to really live on purpose, and what habits we need to implement into our daily lives to become the best versions of ourselves. This is my lifelong goal, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to work at it diligently every day for the rest of my life — but that’s okay. I love every single point on this list, and want to print this out and hang it on my wall. And by my computer at work. And carry it around in my wallet. And memorize it by heart.

3. Girls’ night is necessary. I know I personally need time with  my girlfriends on the very regular. Whether it’s at someone’s apartment or tucked away at a neighborhood wine bar, I crave that time and feel an intense void without it. Last night we had a big group check out a (new to me) wine bar in TriBeCa (fabulous places to go out in this area) called Terroir, which had a great vibe — industrial and elemental and very chill — and offered sweet happy hour specials on both drinks and food. Nothing beats discovering a hip new place, in the company of some great gals. Success all around.


4.  Food of the week: Brussel sprouts. Seriously, I can’t stop eating these things lately. Can you believe that I only had them for the very first time last year? We neverrrrr had them growing up, as my mom wasn’t allowed to make anything that might cause my dad (and consequently us kids) to gag, and I just never tried them…and then, once I did, it was love at first bite. Now, they’re my fave veggies, and I’ve been on an intense BS kick this week. I can’t stop. And I really don’t get why they have such a bad rap? These babies are killer.

5. I’ve started wearing heels again now that the marathon is over. Okay, so what I mean by that is that I’ve worn heels twice in the past 2 weeks — and that’s, like, crazy town for me. Today, I snagged BCBG’s leather Paris Fairee booties and I’m stoked about them —  even if they are way higher than, oh, say, my flats. Slowly but surely, I’m determined to learn to walk in heels again without teetering like a toddler in her mom’s shoes. Yikes. But in all seriousness — they’re amazing and I can’t wait til I can do them justice. After sporting Sperrys at work all summer, I figure it’s about time to turn it up a notch. These should certainly help.


Happy weekend, party people!

Questions: Anything exciting on your agenda this weekend?