Thinking Out Loud

linking up with our lovely host Amanda at Running with Spoons for this Thursday’s “spill your random thoughts” post:

Thinking-Out-Loud1. running during sunrise automatically starts my day off on a fantastic note. this morning’s run was glorious…and even more so because i went to bed in a horrid, frustrated mood, so waking up to this was exactly the reset my little heart needed.

streetalso the fact that i was sweating and running in a tank top in NOVEMBER at 6am makes me sooooooo happy. whatever whacky weather patterns we’re having, i’ll take ’em for as long as possible. thanks, New York. i ❤ you.

2. i’ve never seen The Simpson’s in my life but this pretty much sums up my existence while marathon training.

3. i’m obsessed with blending frozen bananas, almond/cashew milk, a dollup of Greek yogurt and some vanilla chai protein powder as my “fake frozen yogurt” dinner lately (plus dark chocolate chips for extra deliciousness). i’ve taken to keeping a container of frozen bananas in my freezer at all times and it’s seriously changing my life.

4. i finally decided on a pair of fall/winter booties: Toms Cognac Suede Lunata Booties. swoon.10006208-FH15-COGNAC-SUEDE-FRINGE-WM-LUNATA-BOOT-LUNATA-BOOTIE-WN-H-1450x1015never mind the fact that they got lost in the mail for a week (thanks UPS) and then delivered to my parents’ address upstate (no idea how that happened as the address on the company’s file was my NYC address…bizarre, no??) and i’ve yet to get my hands on them — i already know i’m in love and that they’re made for me. i rarely feel this way about a pair of shoes (except maybe sneakers) so that’s saying a lot.

5. this text from the boy today (with a “this is so you”) made me happy. it was also entirely apropos after i vented out a “what the heck am i doing with my life” session last night. thanks, babe.

FullSizeRenderhey, a girl can dream.

6. i really thought i’d hate these. 91uXdLJ+i5L._SL1500_i was surprisingly mostly wrong. i don’t enjoy caramel, i’m not a Milky Way fan by any means, and my idea of a good piece of chocolate is plain & dark & not too sweet (so basically the opposite of this). i only tried one of these lil minis out of sheer curiosity when i saw a bag floating around the office and i fully expected to hate it…but, well, it wasn’t half as bad as i thought it’d be. i’m going to chalk that up to the fact that i like apples a lot. i’m not saying go buy them, but it wasn’t terrible and mostly i was just shocked i didn’t spit it out. 🙂

7. Canstruction is happening in my office building lobby right now. i always enjoy looking at all the cool structures and yet somehow only ended up with a picture of the one every child probably chooses as well.bugsin a sea of NYC imagery, i choose Bugs Bunny. i’m having snapper’s regret over not taking a photo of the Brooklyn Bridge can masterpieces…but there’s always tomorrow.

Tell me something random from your day/week/lately life!
Any good fall fashion purchases lately?