Friday Five: 5 Things About My Day

time for the Friday linkup with the DC gals: Mar, Courtney & Cynthia. this week’s theme:

workout. i workout as many days as possible, which is usually 5-6 days a week, so this is a constant in my daily routine of all the fun things. workouts are basically the highlights of my day (along with my girlfriend dates), so i consider this fun time. and sometimes i combine girlfriend silliness with gymnastics just to double my fun. handstands 101: point those toes.

i’d say i run 4 days a week, do the Arc trainer once or twice, do at least 2 of what i call my personal “boot camps” a week, and add in some other weights or cardio as i feel so inclined…and abs maybe 3 times a week. i listen to my body while still pushing myself to work hard, so i’m pretty content with where i’m at here. i do want to start doing yoga, though! i’m a broken record with that one.

TWO: coffee. this is an every day, usually multiple times a day, thing for me. even when Starbucks spells my name incorrectly (which is frequently, because apparently nobody thinks a “w” belongs in a girl’s name), i still love them.

if a boy called me “Shanna,” he’d get the stink eye. from Starbucks, i’ll let it slide…although i’m considering giving them my nickname from now on and seeing how they deal with that.

THREE: Citibike. my love for Citibike runs deep, and it’s growing in leaps and bounds now that Spring is approaching. this is my absolute favorite way to get around the city (practically speaking, as i don’t generally run to my events, although i have been known to end a run at the bar if my friends are there). i ride it to and from work every day (unless it’s precipitating), and it’s the most glorious way to commute: blue skies, clear air, river view from the West Side bike path…i can’t help but smile to myself and offer up morning prayers. say whattttt, subway??

FOUR: girlfriends. if you’ve read pretty much any post on RTA, you know i’m obsessed with my girlfriends. they’re phenomenal, trust me — you’d be obsessed with them, too. they’re an integral part of my daily life — i either see, text, email, gchat, or call multiple of them daily, and using this strategy of constant communication, we have saved one another thousands of dollars — on therapy. 🙂

5ee3fbdb6e00a605289b28d3e4fb5941anyone else relate to this?? seriously, it could be my life.

FIVE: eggs. lolllzzz, but really — i’ve been eating eggs on the regular since March 1, every dang day. can’t stop, won’t stop with this hard boiled life. i totally go on food kicks, and this is my latest. it also substantiates my belief that Veruca Salt would be the most fun character to play, like ever…chasing around those golden eggs and being all kinds of obnoxious and singing that fun “i want it now” song (which i was actually belting to the boy last weekend in the car…i think he loved it.) man, i love that little brat.

happy Friday the 13th, lovely friends!

Tell me a best part of your day!
Something you’re looking forward to this wknd?