snapshots from the S days (fabulous weekend)

don’t you just love it when the weekends actually feel like full, non-rushed weekends?

that’s, like, the best thing ever. to have two whole days of not running around like a crazy person and actually getting to do everything you want to do, with people you want to see…yep. that’s my definition of lifeisgood.

this weekend just rocked. plain and simple, it totally rocked. and yep, i’m super exhausted this morning, you betcha. 🙂

for starters, i saw an awesome Broadway show on Friday night,


starring these three beautiful, extremely talented people.

all i can say is that Violet entirely blew me away and was everything you want a show to be: entertaining, hilarious, heart-wrenching, laugh and tear inducing, and just completely lovely in all regards. if you can see it, do. do do do do do. the music was great, the cast was incredible, and there’s a father-daughter relationship that definitely made my make-up run. it’s so good. plus, it’s playing right near my apt, so the walk home in the rain was totally do-able. the perks of living near the theater district. 🙂

the weather was lovely here in NYC this weekend, so i started off Saturday morning with a beautiful outdoor run along the West Side/Hudson River:riverrun
i love having the water on one side of me, but still being able to see the city on the other.

felt sooooo good to be back outdoors for my weekend runs. this 6-miler felt pretty good:


one thing i’ve been thinking about in regards to my running: i really don’t do any speed work, or push myself much faster than i’m comfortable with, so i really don’t do anything to improve my speed or race times or try to be “a better runner.” i’ve thought about this, and it just isn’t the point of running for me. i honestly, truly love to run and cherish this “me time,” and it’s not about being the fastest or crushing the people around me, and i don’t want it to become that. if i happen to get faster and PR in races, that’s fabulous. but running for me is about loving my life and feeling healthy and strong and pushing myself to new limits distance-wise, and i don’t want to let it become anything else. i’m happy where i’m at.

oh, and i’m also happy about this:

photo 5
that would be a water fountain along the Riverside Park running path that has been turned on again for the spring. they’re not all up and running yet, but we have at least one working, so i’m taking that as a good sign that warm weather is going to stay!

Saturday afternoon then included a lot of fun traipsing around Hell’s Kitchen, SoHo and the West Village, complete with a great brunch, a latte with my name spelled correctly (for what i believe is the first time), and some sangria & snacks at Tortilla Flats, one of my fave little indie Mexican bar/restaurants in the city. i swear that Albany’s Bombers is totally modeled after Tortilla Flats. i love these little divey, sensory-overload, casual places where i fit right in with my Chuck Taylors and ripped jeans and love every song that comes on. fave.

i also had the pleasure of cuddling with this little nugget on Sunday morning, and seeing the happy sight of doggie bowls next to my kitchen when i walked in the door this weekend:

have i mentioned that i love dogs? i looooove dogs. it kills me to not have one here, and i try to get in as much snuggle time with my pups and my brother’s Bernese whenever i’m upstate. this weekend, we had dogs in our apartment for the first time, as my roommate’s friend came and brought her two little cuties. that’s Hippo. i didn’t want to let that lil nugget leave.

and then, last night, something wonderful happened.

i was reunited with a childhood friend for the first time in 20 years. that’s, like, a lifetime.

and it was wonderful. and it must happen again, way sooner than 20 years from now.

mestephhave i said how blessed i am to have the most amazing girlfriends in the world? i think i have. and i think i can never say it enough. i’ve always had the most wonderful, wonderful girlfriends, and Steph from Canada is such a gem. i really want her to be Steph from NYC, but we are working on that. 🙂

and then it was trivia at Tortilla Flats, and bingo at the Standard Hotel, and then it was midnight on Sunday and i was half awake. but so, so happy after such an amazing weekend.


Highlights of your weekend?
Did you ever have a pen-pal as a child?
Steph and i were pen-pals for our entire lives, since we lived in two different countries, and we still have shoe boxes of letters from one another. 🙂



Friday Five {4.4.14}

1. coffee Fridays. one of my close girlfriends and i work together, and we’ve decided to start making Fridays our Starbucks-date days. there’s a Sbucks in the lobby of our building, so it’s a nice little break from sitting at a desk. it also breaks up the daily routine of regular old Keurig drip with a nice Skinny Vanilla Latte (my cup of choice). fun fact: i was a barista for a while, both in Colorado and in Albany. and i didn’t mind it one bit.


2. Broadway! stoked to be going to a show tonight. i really need to get better about making this a habitual thing. i’m seeing Violet, of which i know nothing, but which has a pretty sweet plot and is supposedly really well done:

“Violet tells the story of a young woman’s quest for beauty amidst the image-obsessed landscape of the 1960s. Facially disfigured in a childhood accident, Violet (Foster) dreams of a miraculous transformation through the power of faith. Convinced that a televangelist in Oklahoma can heal her, she hops a Greyhound bus and starts the journey of a lifetime. Along the way, Violet forms unlikely friendships with her fellow riders, who teach her about beauty, love, courage and what it means to be an outsider.”

i’ve already decided that i’m probably going to love this. really looking forward to it. (review to come, for sure.)

3. motivation & inspiration. because it’s always the perfect time to give yourself a life pep-talk.

photo 2
4. giving back. i participate in Big Brothers/Big Sisters of NYC and head up our office’s program, and i am so enjoying building a relationship with my “little” this year. life is so busy in NYC, and it’s so easy to get caught up in your little bubble and run around like a crazy person with a thousand things to do, and volunteering or investing in someone else’s life on a consistent basis can be difficult to schedule in as much as we’d like. it may seem like a small thing, just giving 4 hours of my time a month to build a relationship with a 15-year-old girl, but last night at group she shared with everyone how much it meant to her to have another adult role model in her life outside of her family and how glad she was to have me and that she felt that we were the perfect match. it almost brought tears to my eyes right there in program.  i didn’t realize i had this much of an impact on this girl i’ve only just begun to build a relationship with. it definitely makes me want to evaluate how i spend my time, and make sure i’m prioritizing my investment in other people — because nothing else feels as good, or matters as much.

running humor. i work with a few guys who are marathon runners as well, and we obviously bond over our crazy love for running distances. one of them sent me this BuzzFeed article (any other BuzzFeed fanatics out there?? it’s fantastic, right??) this afternoon:   75 Thoughts Every Runner Has While out for a Run.  okay, so i haven’t had most of these thoughts, but it was a funny little piece to read and laugh at anyway. here are some of my fave points:

32. Man, what are these people doing in front of me? Walking?!
33. Is this a contest to see who’s the worst at walking? Because you are both champions in my heart.

60. Wait, less than one mile to go? I am KILLING this run.
62. YES, including ostriches.
63. Honestly, I should sign up for a marathon.

little laugh for you. 🙂

happy weekend, friends! xo



What’re you looking forward to this weekend?

Seen any good theater productions lately, or is there anything you’re dying to see?