what you do when you can’t run

running is a big fail for me lately. but thankfully, i haven’t resorted to crying. yet.

i have to say, waking up on a Saturday morning and knowing you can’t run as many miles as you want to/are accustomed to running is pretty depressing. 😦 the tendonitis/shin splints are super painful and i’m hating everything about this. it’s not even the point that i know i won’t be able to run the marathon in October — i’m actually okay with that — it’s just that i hate not being able to run much at all, when it’s such an integral part of my life. talk about a lesson in patience….geesh.

apparently this street art wisdom near my apt last week was trying to tell me something…

i managed about 4 slowww miles on Saturday, which is better than nothing, but it definitely was a blow to my ego to be in that much pain and not be able to run at least 10 miles on a weekend morning. i’m so not used to that and really feeling the void of having those long runs to look forward to. bum-merrrr city.

despite not being able to run, my weekend shaped up pretty nicely, starting off with some bachata dancing at a Latin club on Friday night. it’s been a minute since i’ve gone, and man, i’m not sure i love anything as much as i love dancing. must go more often.

after the attempted run on Saturday, i bopped around SoHo and the West Village (two of my fave areas of Manhattan) with a girlfriend and stumbled across another exhibit of street art wisdom.

fulfillapparently someone is speckling these around the city this summer, and i’m totally digging it. such a nice idea to pepper people’s walks with such positive energy. i’m determined to take feet shots of all of these that i find and see how many different pairs of shoes i can showcase. oh, and i’m hoping to fulfill my destiny, too, in case you were wondering. i plan to take this one very seriously. soon as i find out what my destiny is, i’mma chase that thing down like whoa.

Saturday night: a single glass of rose with a girlfriend at Wine Escape, an adorable hidden gem of a wine bar right near my apartment. girlfriend dates at quaint little places are one of my fave things in the world.

photothis rose was soooo good, too: Sable D’Azur Provence Rose. if you’re into light, dry rose, you want to try it. trust me.

Sunday morning’s workout (after 11 hours of sleep…yessss) consisted of a half hour of high resistance on the arc trainer — which is the worst sweat session of my life, let me tell you — followed by another half hour of strength and abs (push-ups, a few back machines, lots of squats, and the incline bench). i had the gym entirely to myself, which is amazing at any point but much appreciated on a Sunday, and this workout felt really good…

good enough that i let myself spend the rest of the day outdoors enjoying the incredible weather with friends on a pier along the Hudson River. we found a little outdoors cafe where a man with a guitar entertained us and the other patrons for hours, right through the lovely sunset.

sunseti think i was especially excited, as he played sooooo many songs i love and grew up with. the guy knew his Simon and Garfunkle, which always makes me a happy girl, and he played the Beatles and Coldplay and Hall & Oates and just so many amazing songs. it was definitely one of those “ideal moments” where you feel blessed to simply be alive, and all seems right in the world…where you just sit back and think, “life is this good.” it’s so crucial to have those, and i was so content with my world last night.

today, of course, is a different story…exhaustedddd and brought some wine into work with me using my stomach…but hey. Sunday Fundays don’t promise marvelous Mondays!

this week marks the “unofficial” end of summer for me even before Labor Day, as i start classes again tomorrow for the fall semester — craziness, how quickly this summer flew by! i’m setting myself the new goal of not having any wine/drinks during the week at all this week, not til i’m home with the fam for the long wknd. need to clean up this act a bit over here.

hope you all had lovely weekends!

Tell me something good about your weekend.
Any end-of-summer goals/plans?
Anyone else going back to school?