Forever in Our Hearts

this morning, i woke up, fought the urge to snooze (for the second time), had a great hour-long strength and abs session in the gym in my building, and rejoiced that it was Friday. it wasn’t until i zipped out to head to work and turned the corner out of my apartment building and walked past the open door of the firehouse next door, already setting up for the day’s events at 8am, that i realized just what today is.

today marks the 14th commemoration of the World Trade tragedy on 9/11/01, a day that most, if not all of us, remember in vivid detail. i know i can tell you the exact sequence of events in my life that morning, as a junior in college in upstate NY, where our morning class professor came in very distraught and broke the news of this horrific event to a classroom full of blurry-eyed students who had no idea what he was talking about. i remember a girl from my class running out in shock and near-hysteria when he told us, because her dad worked in one of those buildings. i remember going back to my dorm room in a confused daze and talking to my roommate/best friend, whose brother lived and worked in downtown Manhattan and miraculously overslept his alarm that morning to miss a meeting in one of the WTC towers. i remember the shock and the uncertainty and the fear and the subsequent rush to leave campus, as most of our families wanted us home, where they knew we were safe.

but mostly, i remember how proud i was, despite the terrible event, to be a New Yorker — to have grown up in New York, even if i was a couple hours away from NYC — and experience the unity and outpourings of support and love that ensued. i remember us all checking in with our loved ones and friends, and having people from other states reach out to us; i remember long talks about not taking a single day for granted and recognizing we’re not invincible and loving the people we love so hard while we can; i remember prayer meetings and church services dedicated to healing for this city and the countless number of people affected by this event. i remember the fear, yes, but above all else, i remember the sense of belonging; of experiencing humanity at its most vulnerable, broken and on its knees, and still finding a way to lift its collective gazes and choose faith & love in the midst of the unthinkable.

i remember feeling so fortunate, so loved, so protected in my own life. i remember believing — knowing — that prayer really does work, and healing can –and will — happen, even when it seems impossible.

today, i live in this incredible, magical city that underwent that tragedy, and for the past 5 years, i’ve worked directly across the street from where the towers stood. today, there’s a beautiful memorial & park resurrected in that spot, and its become a sacred, special place in the heart of a bustling downtown. my office even has a conference room called the Memorial Room, with a view of this memorial, which has become a special room for our company since we moved to a new building last summer.


there’s a lot to be proud of as a New Yorker. our city truly is one of the most wonderful places on this planet, with so many secrets to discover and adventures to be had. as i sit here at my desk and look out my window at the Statue of Liberty, i’m reminded of how much i have to be thankful for, and how much love New York has received.

i always feel compelled to pray for my city. today, even as i voice my own silent prayers, i can feel others around New York and the United States and this great big world all doing the same.

and i know i will never forget this feeling, either.

tumblr_n5mcrrrBw81ral6u1o1_1280love you all, friends.


WILW {1/8/2014}

hellllllooo from Antarctica!!

i may or may not get in trouble for posting this, but i just can’t help myself…

like daughter, like father.

like daughter, like father.

and for the record, that’s my hat. he just poses.

so maybe NYC isn’t quite Arctic status yet, but man, it’s frigid here! however, despite the fact that it was all of 5 degrees here when i awoke this am, my day is off to a fabulous start. let’s do a little “this is what i’m loving lately,” shall we? because i’m loving a whole lot.

*thoughtful friends. i probably could write a whole blog devoted to how amazing my friends are. this is certainly a favorite topic of mine. having friends who make me feel so loved and appreciated by their thoughtfulness just beats all. this week, i’ve had three very similar surprises from three different friends who all know me so well. let me explain: i have a thing with anchors, for several reasons, and they’ve become my “symbol,” so to speak. and my friends certainly pay attention.

on Monday, i received these adorable Kate Spade earrings in the mail from my sweet friend Hanne:

photolove these, and have been wearing them ever since. {thank you, love!}

then, i received a text from my friend Lauren on Monday morning with this picture below, saying she saw this on the sidewalk in NYC this past weekend and had to snap it for me:

photoso sweet!

and to top it all off, one of my bestest friends Alex surprised me with this incredible homemade Christmas gift last night, which absolutely blew me away:

it’s a shadow box of sorts and revolves around one of my favorite Bible verses, and it’s absolutely perfect. {she’s considering selling these type of pieces in the near future, so i’ll be sure to keep you posted if you’re interested!}

needless to say, i’m feeling very loved this week by some incredible girlfriends. love you ladies.

*the new digs. i came into work today to find that i’ve been moved into an office (i’d previously been in an open floor setting with no windows). now i’m in an office by myself, with a view of the World Trade Center buildings and the river in the background. not sure quite how this happened, but i’ll take it.


don’t be fooled. it looks wayyyyy more serious than it is.

*Nature Box. i’ve dabbled with these boxes of healthy treats in the past and always been impressed with what i’ve received, but never committed to more than a 3-month subscription. however, my best friend gave me a subscription for Christmas, which i can’t wait to start receiving! if you’re not familiar with Nature Box, definitely check out their website. for $20 a month, you receive a box of healthy, yummy, smart-snacking foods, which you can customize on their site and choose your treats (love this option!). it’s a perfect gift for one of your health-conscious friends as well! i’m a big fan of these “random boxes of goodness” companies that have been springing up in the past few years, and this one also has a charity component. nicely done, NB.


*making nice with treadmills again.
so we’ve established that they aren’t my fave things in the world, but considering the cold and dark mornings lately, i’ve made peace with the fact that if i want to run comfortably, i’ve got to play nice with them. sooo, back into the gym it is.

Photoso far the workouts this week have consisted of:

  • Monday: boot camp (totally needed and appreciated)
  • Tuesday: four mile run on a treadmill and 20 mins of abs
  • Wednesday: 6.5 mile run on a treadmill

tomorrow will be another boot camp, and Friday back to a run. i’m gearing up for the NYC Half in March and hopefully won’t have to train for the whole thing indoors.

*La Villette. it’s been a bit since i’ve posted about any new places i’ve gone to, so i figured i should get back on that wagon. i had dinner at La Villette (formerly 10 Downing) in the Village on Monday night, and it was quite charming. very French brasserie-style with the tiled walls, red seats and and dark wood, and both food and service were very good. worth tucking into on a chilly night if you’re looking for a cozy little atmosphere.

hope you’re finding some things to love about your week already!


Any favorite pieces of winter clothing you like to sport on the chilliest days?

Do you have a “thing” that you love (aka, me with anchors)? What’s the story?