Weekly Workouts: {9/4-9/10}

runSBi’m pretty sure i’ll always keep this Weekly Workout segment, solely so i can post that picture on my blog every week. it makes me so happy to remember that moment in Santa Barbara. 🙂

i skipped this post yesterday because i wanted to do a restaurant review, so we’re recapping workouts from Friday-Thursday this week (instead of Wed-Wed).

Fri, 9/4: i have no idea. whoops. maybe nothing? i went out Thurs night and i took a train upstate on Friday and i probably didn’t workout. but it’s possible i got up and did some upper body that morning…i have no idea.
Sat, 9/5: ran 15 miles upstate! yay! felt so good (but tired by the end, obvi). learned that i need to work on fueling. and also that new sneakers are making alllll the difference in the world re: shin splints. this was my first long run in brand new sneaks (same Asics as before, I LOVE THEM), and my legs felt 4235238943 times better.
Sun, 9/6: ran 5-6 miles (all the hills!) before church. felt so good, was so beautiful out, and i was so happy to be able to run that after a 15-miler the day before. ’twas an awesome running weekend upstate for me.
Mon, 9/7 (Labor Day, woot!): 4-5 mile hilly power walk in the morning — i loved this time. i actually didn’t listen to music for most of it and was totally relaxed and reflective and really enjoyed walking out in the country. i then hit a 40ish minute gym sesh with the bro at Planet Fitness, consisting of circuits of the pull-up/dip machines, lateral pull-down machines, push-ups and squat jumps, followed by 10 minutes of planks (elbow, hands, and side planks – with breaks, of course) and some other ab stuff in-between the plank sets. (felt so goodsore the next day!)
Tues, 9/8: rest day. i was sore everywhere. also didn’t feel well all day. :/
Wed, 9/9: i was out too late Tuesday to get up on Wed am (bummer), and i had plans with a girlfriend last night to just relax, so i walked about 3 miles to her apartment and called that good enough.
Thurs, 9/10 (today): 5.2 mile treadmill run — it was raining and 90% humidity at 6am here, so i caved. i did some speed intervals (nothing too crazy) and felt good about it.

on a fueling note: i snagged some of these when i was upstate the last time, b/c i was delirious and so hot after a long run and desperately craving G2, and stumbled upon these for the first time and decided i needed to try them: Gatorade Prime Energy Chews.

Gatorade Energy Chews

i prefer chews/shot bloks to Gu, as they don’t upset my stomach, and these were $1 a pack at Wal*Mart (the things i miss out on living in NYC, geesh!). i’m pretty sure i’m going to love these, but i couldn’t tell you yet because i forgot to take them on my run. whoops.

then again, i probably could just buy Swedish Fish and call it a day.

happy running/working out, friends!

Best run/workout you’ve had this week?
Preference: Blocks or Gu?


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