fun facts Friday (10/11)

1. i’m tired of this capital letter business. on my former blog, which was really just a lot of my ramblings and poetry, i boycotted capitals — because they just aren’t my style. i brought them back here on RTA when i was trying to be more professional(ish), i suppose, but i think i might drop ’em again. i so prefer a little i to a big I. it started somewhere in high school, where i first began really toying with the idea of my own poetic voice and writer’s persona, and i realized i wanted my poetry to be predominantly in lower case (with some caps stratetically placed when necessary). maybe it comes from my strong affinity for e.e. cummings… or maybe i was 14 and thought i was being unique and artsy. maybe both.


2. i’m totally hooked on physical therapy. i could see this becoming a new habit. i mean, it hurts so good, and my calves obviously need a lot of TLC. i’ve gone twice this week, and i’m loving it. i had no idea it’d be an hour’s worth of massage and stretching exercises and icing and that e-stem current thing they hook up to my calf…it’s fabulous. i had a 7am session this morning and the hour and a half just flew by. is this normal? i don’t even care. these running legs are tired and i’m praying PT works wonders for me. not to mention, the therapists are really great. and fun. and cute. and good at what they do. and now i kinda wanna be one. sigh. story of my life.

3. what would this blog be without some fun workout apple humor?hardcoreapple

i need more apple love up in here here — gotta represent. if you see any cute apple pix/references, please swing ’em my way! i’ll give you my email.

4.  it’s probably safe to say that i might drink more water than the average person/army/ultramarathoner stranded in a desert. although i wouldn’t quiiiiite call it a phobia, i definitely have a quasi-irrational fear of being anywhere, at any given time, without a (full) bottle of water. some girls store food in their purses for emergencies; i hoard water bottles. i have bottles and glasses strewn all around my room and desk. a girl has to drink!


this H2O obsession caused a funny moment last night at dinner with my girlfriend at the fabulous West Village spot Market Table (one of my current faves, for every reason). after pounding about 7 glasses of water and keeping the bartender’s pitcher-arm active, he joked, “you could run a marathon tomorrow, all this water you’re drinking.” why, how ironic that you mention that, mr bartender…which of course i countered with, “actually, it’s Sunday.”

you never know when your obsessively healthy habits might be noticed (or get you a free drink). 🙂

5. unexpected gifts are such a fun part of life. it’s so nice to have someone think of you and give you something you totally love and can’t live without. so when i received a whole box of these today from my great trainer, it became a very happy Friday indeed.



time to go pound some more water and count down the minutes til my train ride home upstate this afternoon. happy happy Friday, friends.


3 thoughts on “fun facts Friday (10/11)

  1. I do like the cookie dough flavor but everyone goes just gaga over those bars! I don’t really get the big hoopla. Anyway I have to try the cinnamon roll one! Oh and I guzzle water too like my life depends on it! Have a good weekend!!

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