SBC: What I’m Reading


today’s Sept. Blogging Challenge: What i’m reading right now.

i’ve always been a super avid/obsessive reader, since i first learned to string sounds together and make sense of words and sentences. this quickly turned into a favorite pastime/childhood hobby, which led me to want to be a writer at a very young age and craft stories and poems of my own. i’ve always been the girl who could lose entire afternoons curled up in my room with a book, and it’s rare to find me without one.

i wish i had more time to lay around and read these days, and i’m looking forward to getting on a train upstate after work tonight and opening up this book again, which i recently started reading at my mom’s suggestion:

9781476725161_custom-70f7864a7dc7dc9d9180b7e28e6d7c018d675a06-s99-c85it’s an intense memoir written by a young woman who was kidnapped in Somalia while doing charity work, and it’s basically any young traveling girl’s worst nightmare of an occurrence. it’s one of those books i’m going to be really glad i read, but it’s sort of horrifying at the same time, thinking of this happening to someone my age who had devoted her life to social justice in a foreign country. at least i know it has a happy ending, since she lived to write this book with her husband. that’s a big relief.

i’m also reading Philippians right now, which is one of my favorite books of the Bible, and has some undeniably incredible truths that always hit home for me, like:

phillipians-4-8_copyalso reading: a whole mess of your blogs (duh), my school books, Women’s Health, and Thought Catalog.

variety is definitely the spice of my life.

What are you reading these days? Throw some good book suggestions at me, please!!


4 thoughts on “SBC: What I’m Reading

  1. Those are definitely some good books Shawna!! And yes Philipians is definitely a Bible book packed with wisdom. I like the Psalms, Proverbs, and Matthew chapters 5-7 as well. Outside of the Bible and blogs I’m currently working my way through or should I say “trying to” work my way through “The Diary of Anne Frank”

  2. Woooooof. I can imagine that that memoir would be both incredible and beyond terrifying. I am not a scared traveler by nature, but Africa in general is basically my worst nightmare. (I mean that with love and rash generalizations, Africa.). I would love to travel to Egypt and Morocco one day, and parts of South Africa, but otherwise…. I feel like I might stick out a bit.

  3. Dude I love Thought Catalog!! There are some funny stories and authors on there. I’m loving blogs and commenting and especially happy now I can comment on blogs again! I was having some technical issues. lol I was going crazy not being able to post on my favorite blogs πŸ˜‰ anyway have a great weekend!!

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