Friday Five: Favorite Winter Activities

linking back up with these Friday party gals for today’s theme:

fridayfiveplease take note of the fact that this is pic i took a few weeks ago near my parents’ house. love it up there in the snow.

1. running.
you can take “Winter” out of this post and it’d still be at the top of my list. fave every season activity. i’m especially loving running outside this (almost) Winter so far, now that i’m braving the dark and it hasn’t been super cold yet.

one of my best memories of Winter running: stopping to pose with my bro as i ran the NYC Half in March 2013. still love him extra much for getting out of bed way earlier than he likes to come cheer me on.

2. snowboarding.
although i haven’t had a single regret over moving back to NY from Colorado, i do miss CO snowboarding like crazy. one of my fave things to do. i’ll still go on the East Coast, but it just doesn’t compare.

some of my best riding days ever: March 2012, at Copper Mountain (look at that sky!!)

photo 2

3. red wine. does this count as an activity? i think so, especially if you’re enjoying lovely conversation with your girlfriends or mom or a boy over some nice wine. i tend to be a seasonal wine drinker: more white/rose in the warm weather, more red in the cold (but let’s be honest, i drink all of it all year ’round)…so yes, i consider this a Winter activity, Hundo
4. going warm places. NY is cold in the winter. nobody likes to be cold for months on end (‘cept maybe penguins). i like to have a few warm trips sprinkled throughout my winter to give me something to look forward to. and to motivate me to get into bikini-ready mode way before Summer. oh and to mainly remind me that i won’t die before Easter.

on the radar for Winter 2015 so far: Austin, TX in January for my cousin’s bachelorette, and Boca & Miami, FL for my girl Alex’s birthday. prettttty dark stoked about both.

5. napping & reading. (because i love reading, but let’s face it — it usually ends up turning into a nap, sooooo they have to go together.) to be fair, i don’t do a whole lot of napping these days, but i love it. i’m a great napper. i could nap every day, for who knows how long. and when i go home to my parents’ house, forget it — it’s part of my daily routine. sleep 10 hours, go work out, take a 2 hour nap, repeat. it’s, like, a Shawna thing: my friends and fam all know i love to sleep. at night, during the day, in a car, on someone’s shoulder on the couch watching a movie…i’m good to snooze, anytime.

i’ve sent these two images to my bro and two close girlfriends within the past 24 hours and am pretty sure i wrote them when i was asleep and posted them on the internet:

photo 1
photo 2so true, so true.

happy Friday, my faves!! xo

What are some of your fave Winter activities?
Anyone snowboarders/skiers? If so, what mountains do you like best?


16 thoughts on “Friday Five: Favorite Winter Activities

  1. Somehow, I would totally peg you as a snowboarder. You have that easy-going, fun loving spirit. ☺ I agree, running is an all-season sport and winter running is great because it’s beautiful, creates different challenges, and what’s not fun about running around looking at all of the holiday décor and lights?

    I am definitely looking forward to going some place warm in February (I’ll be due by then). My husband and I have a trip to Hawaii planned, so I am counting down the days.

    One of my favorite winter activities is skiing out to one of the shelters (in the middle of nowhere in the woods), starting a fire, and opening a bottle of champagne or spiked hot chocolate! ☺

    • haha i love that you pegged me for a snowboarder. i honestly could waitress at a beach bar all summer and work at a ski mountain all winter and call it the best life everrr. and ummm that winter activity sounds amazing, skiing to a lil place in the woods and having a fire and drinks?! please invite me! 🙂

  2. Well, well, we’ll … you just learn something new everyday about the life of Shawna!!! Sooooo you’re a snowboarding chica eh’? That’s is so awesome and I can so see you on the slopes maybe even a half pipe 😉 unfortunately in Florida there’s not much to offer from a winter activity standpoint. But when I was up north I enjoyed making snow forts and having snowball fights haha! 🙂 annnnnnd you’re coming to Florida!!!! … Miami!!!! I don’t know if Florida can handle your shine lol 🙂

    • haha aw, shucks. thanks, Lee. 🙂 we had a blast at this girls’ wknd in Fl last year and i’m stoked for a repeat! and yep, love me some snowboarding…wish i got to go more often.

  3. I forgot you lived in CO! How cool! It’s one of those places I never think about going but I just know that if I went I’d absolutely fall in love. I don’t snowboard (based on my skateboarding experience I just have a feeling it’d be bad news bears) but I have skied before – not the best, but it was pretty darn fun! And I love mountains – they’re so majestic and absolutely suck me in with how beautiful they are.

    • snowboarding sucks — for, like, the first day or two. you fall so much, and you’re so frustrated and you just want to be able to do it SO BADLY and you shed all the tears and yell at the people who are trying to teach you, and fall off every lift and get face fulls of snow right and left…and then something clicks, and you fall in love and are forever wrecked for the mountains. 🙂 yep, i love CO. you must go. it’s one of the best states, in my opinion.

  4. Ok I loved all of this. Running year round in NYC is a great thing. There were very few times I didn’t. One year we hung on to our gym membership, “just in case.” And then realized it was a complete waste of money. I think wine should always be an activity. And naps…..yeah I think book reading and naps go so wonderfully together. I would nap every day if I could.

  5. I’m with you on the wine thing! I definitely enjoy more whites and roses in the summer and more reds in the winter. I also find that it works better with seasonal food pairings! I really would love to go skiing again this winter since I couldn’t last winter when I was preggo. I’m not sure it’s in the cards though with a small baby!

  6. I went skiing for the first time this season last weekend. It was so great to get out on the snow – it’s just like riding a bicycle. Plus it’s only 40 minutes from my house. And we always have the debate of which is better Utah or Colorado snow?

    • ahhhh i’m envious – can’t wait to hit the slopes next week over break. i was living vicariously through everyone on Instagram who went this past wknd in Vermont. i’ve never gone in SLC but heard great things. sadly, east coast riding is nothing like out west…although i’m hoping to find some good snow in VT this year!

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