these things make me happy

(get ready for a whole lot of randomness)

*happy sunshine dance. this is how i feel about the weather we’ve been having in NYC recently:

giphyit’s also how i’d feel if i was the one sitting next to Andrew Garfield. dark on dark…swoon.

*running. i’m back to being stoked for pre-work morning runs, which hasn’t happened often in the past couple of months. i’ve gotten up before 6am the last two days to rock some loving-life Hudson River jaunts, and it honestly does wonders for my day to set out into a gorgeous morning and have some healthy “me time,” and giving me positive energy to carry with me throughout my workday. it gives me so many “so thankful this is my life” feelings and truly helps renew my mind.

skytodayi ran the same route the past two mornings — definitely slower this morning, as my legs were tight and tired (i need yoga in my life, or at least my foam roller! whoops, lazy stretcher) — and was reminded of how much i enjoy the Hudson River path. such a magical place for a morning run.


*Birchbox & florals. anyone else lovin’ bright, big floral prints (for the second year in a row, as i feel like they were such the thing last year as well?). i just got a new Birchbox yesterday and it’s my favorite patterned box thus far:

birchboxif you’re still undecided about Birchbox, i can say i’m a big fan. i mean, who doesn’t want to get a box of surprise girlie goodies each month, for only $10? i also think it works especially well for people like me, because i’m not super into make-up or beauty products, not married to any specific brands, and entirely open to trying new things — and since i don’t buy a ton of them or wear a lot of make-up to begin with, the samples tend to last me plenty long enough. i’m most into the haircare products, and i’ve had really good luck with what they send.

*fashion. i’m really, really stoked to be wearing snapbacks & baseball caps again. one of my fave accessories. and i will never pass up a chance to wear boyfriend jeans, especially to a MLB game. sorrynotsorry ’bout the lips.

IMG_6760side note: i own two things from Lululemon. TWO. (i know, i know — and i say i’m obsessed with workout clothes??) that sweat is one of them, and i would never wear it to work out…but i LOVE it. love love love love.

*snacking. a friend in my grad program brought this vegan, gf granola to class the other night and i almost had to bite my knuckles to keep myself from eating the whole bag. it’s soooooo good.

FullSizeRenderanyone had Healing Home Foods products before? i’d never heard of them until this week, and now i’m currently waging an internal war against buying their granola in bulk or boycotting it forever. i’m not sure i can be trusted around it, but i feel like i have to have it, all day every day. quite the dilemma.

*fun. i mean, but like, also kinda true…

FullSizeRenderthat could be me, i’m convinced. dress me up and slap on the make-up with a heavy hand…bam.

next stops: Miami, Vegas, Jacksonville, all in 3 weeks time! 🙂

What’s making your heart happy this week?
Whatcha catching, feelings or flights??
no brainer here for me…
Fave granola?
i shouldn’t ask, but i neeeed to know!


21 thoughts on “these things make me happy

  1. Look at you go, speedy!! You’ve got the perfect running spot 🙂
    I’ve never heard of Birchbox before. I never buy make-up cuz it’s too expensive for my low maintenance attitude towards life, but this is so do-able!! I don’t think I’ll join this month but I’m bookmarking it for future use. Thanks, chica! 😀
    So jealous of all your trips…BUT, I’m trying to get my job to send me to Santiago, Chile for a work trip. If it happens, I’ll be stoked!!

    • Birchbox sounds like a great idea for you, then! you can choose your beauty preferences and profile and what you want more/less of also. it’s really quite wonderful. 🙂 yes, come run with me some weekend! we should set up a run/brunch date. CHILE would be amazing!!

      • OMG a run/brunch date sounds awesome!!! Before or after Brooklyn? I’m sure I could do a NYC weekend day sometime in May!

    You are adorable and I love that outfit! PERFECT for a ball game! I'm doing the happy sunshine dance down here today. Winter is finally behind us!! (It's about time!)

  3. Can you help me get up early for my runs again? I just CAN’T do it anymore! It’s disappointing because that’s one of the best ways to start your day.

    I’m all about the bright florals this season! I’ve gotten more feminine over the years so I think this year will be the year I can finally pull off the florals haha.

    Come visit me and we’ll get you alllllll the lululemon things haha. I live in it.

    Also HELLO MIDRIFF! You’re a stunna!

    • yep, come run with me! and i can totally see you rockin’ the florals, girlie girl. okay i’ll come visit you! i want to come to Chicago as is, and this is an extra incentive! 🙂 haha THANKS love. you sweet.

  4. God, granola is so dangerous. My favorite is some brand I can’t remember (I know, awesome advice for you) but I’ve only found it at Whole Foods and it’s Carrot Cake flavored and I could eat a whole bag in one sitting. So clearly I no longer buy it.

    Happy travels!

  5. I’m happy about Spring! Even though the weather kinda sucks at the moment, it has definitely turned a corner. I love shorts and t-shirts and being tan and more daylight… soooo, yay for all that stuff 🙂

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