weekly workouts {10/22-10/28}

just looking at that image above is making me so nostalgic for summer right now. & California, of course (especially because my best friend is currently in Santa Barbara, the city in which that photo was snapped just 2 months ago). although we’ve had a lovely Autumn here in NY, today is the dreariest everrr and i’m missing my lovely running weather like whoa.

Thurs, Oct 22: 4-5mile run home from work
Fri, Oct 23: strength & abs in the gym (upper body w/ kettlebells, free weights & back machines)
Sat, Oct 24: rest, because i thought i was running a half the next day
Sun, Oct 25: the half that wasn’t. my anticipated 1st-ever trail race didn’t happen, as it rained all Saturday night and Sunday morning, and i wasn’t trying to do a 13 mile mud run. instead i ran 7ish miles of hills in the drizzle and felt good about that.
Mon, Oct 26: rest.
Tues, Oct 27: an hour of total body and abs in the morning, and a 3.5 mile run last night after seeing clients and before meeting a friend for dinner, and a whole bunch of biking to get everywhere. my schedule is crazy packed these days so i’m fitting in workouts when/however i can!
Wed, Oct 28 (today): i will be running home in the rain, most likely, unless it’s pouring to the extent that i have to get on the treadmill (boo). i’ll take whatever i can get!

*thoughts: life has gotten increasingly busy now that i’m seeing clients after work a few nights a week, so i’m trying not to be too hard on myself if i can’t get in all the runs and workouts i’d like each week. i’m still planning to dedicate my weekends to longer runs and do what i can throughout the week. i’m literally running from one thing to the next every day, but my life has so many good things in it right now that i want to prioritize, so i can’t complain. πŸ™‚

How have your workouts been this week?
Any new fitness goals/things you want to try?


7 thoughts on “weekly workouts {10/22-10/28}

  1. Yes, busy here too. Just trying to squeeze in some runs before i head to the Big Apple on Friday.
    Too bad about the race. I just it stopped raining and folks said that it was so much fun. You should try it again next year.

    • ah well. it was just pouring the whole night before so i figured i’d be sludging thru mud and decided to enjoy my Sat night instead. glad it was a good race tho! have fun this weekend in NYC!

  2. This sounds silly, but I’ve never thought of posting my workouts on my blog to keep accountability. Loved reading this!

    My workouts this week have been great! I’m currently training for a half-marathon and cross training as well. It’s a hard balance to keep between cardio and lifting, but I’m keeping focused!

    By the way, where did you get the rad sports bra in the above photo?!

    • thanks for reading & for the sweet words! i’ve come to look forward to writing this post each week to hold myself accountable, just as you said, and it’s a good way to reflect upon my week and how i felt and what i accomplished (workout-wise). maybe i’ll turn it into a link-up at some point. πŸ™‚ glad you’ve had such good workouts and good luck with the half training! so fun. & the sports bra (my all-time fave) is Lululemon’s Free to be *Wild (i can’t find that color online but it’s in the store). i love it!

  3. Yes…I love that sports bra pic too! Rocking it girl!

    I’ve been running, lifting weights and teaching spin classes. I need to get back to the yoga studio though although I do a lot of yoga in my living room at home!

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