weekly workouts {12/10-12/16}


Thurs, 12/10: 4 mile run home from work
Fri, 12/11: morning hour-long total body gym session: kettlebells, free weights, abs (7 mins of planks); one mile run on treadmill
Sat, 12/12: 6-7 mile run + 1.5 mile walk outside in almost 65 degree weather — running was sort of a struggle and i was super slow & sore, but i was just so happy to be outside in a tank top. winning at December!
Sun, 12/13: upper body & planks in gym, followed by 5 miles outside with the boy (again, running was a bit of a struggle but weather was so on point, and having Tyler to run with definitely helped push me)
Mon, 12/14: rest day
Tues, 12/15: 3.5 mile treadmill run followed by “leg day” — all the jumping squats, kettlebell lunges, jumping lunges, etc, + planks
Wed, 12/16: hour-long total-body gym session this morning with the boy: kettlebells, free weights, push-ups, lunges/squats/box jumps, abs (4 mins of planks, decline bench)

total weekly mileage: approx 20 miles. however, we also walked a ton of miles in the past 4 days & did some Citibiking!

thoughts: the long runs just aren’t happening right now and i know that adding more lower body strength training back into my routine has made my running slower/more painful. i really felt like i needed more rest and wasn’t feeling fresh & energetic on my runs this week, so i’m hoping for better success next week at home. then again, i’m not training for anything right now, so i’m okay with giving myself a bit of wiggle room and not being so strict with the mileage for the time being. on the flip side, i am really enjoying the strength training again and that different sort of “sore,” so i think Winter is a good time for me to focus on that as well. oh wait, it’s Spring again, i forgot…

How was your week in workouts, friends?
How do you deal with bummer run streaks?


9 thoughts on “weekly workouts {12/10-12/16}

  1. Well, I am glad I am reading this right now. I feel like I haven’t done a “long” run in awhile and I feel all of this pressure to do one and guilt that I haven’t hit a 40+ mile week in a long time. But I just feel tired and my runs aren’t feeling it. And it is OKAY to rest your body. In the long term you will benefit more. I know that, but geez it is hard to remind myself sometimes! I love reading your workout recaps.

    • thanks, Sarah! it helps to hear other people in the same boat at the same time. you’re right, it IS okay to rest a bit and taper back and listen to what your body is trying to tell you. we’re just so stubborn and want to push ourselves because we know we HAVE and we can. 🙂

  2. Hi, just started reading your blog and am loving going back and reading your posts. I’ve been toying w the idea of running a half marathon so would love to know if there is a training schedule u follow? Also do u use a fitness tracker? Thanks!!

    • hi, Jen — thanks for visiting and commenting! i use a Garmin (i have the Forerunner 110 and it works just fine for my purposes) but have also used the app Map my Run on my iPhone and that works decently as a GPS tracker as well. i haven’t experimented with Nike’s Run technology but i know people who like that also. for training schedules, i’m a fan of Hal Higdon’s plans and have followed them for both half and full marathons: http://www.halhigdon.com/. hope this helps and best of luck with training! 🙂

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