Girl Talk

One of the best things about being a girl is getting to be a girl.
Know what I mean?

Like unexpected crushes that make you feel like you’re a teenager again,


or a good rom-com to remind you to hold out for the sort of love that transforms an ordinary life into the magical,


or getting even more excited to work out now that work out clothes & sneakers are just so much fun.



Yes, sometimes it’s just good to be a girl, emotions and hormones and all.

Especially when you stumble upon an amaaaazing article that fully encompasses the spectrum of conversation topics you and your girlfriends exhaust on an ongoing basis.

20 Things Girls Like to Talk About

I basically died reading this…and then sent it to my BFFs immediately so that we could collectively confirm our utter girlieness.


Definitely one of the most fun articles this girl has read in a while!


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