Fourth of July

July 4th weekend in NYC was HOT. Like, step outside and immediately begin sweating and choking on the humidity sort of hot. Like, the gas station (yes, there are a few gas stations in Manhattan proper) near me boasted a temp of 99degrees…and I bet it would have been higher, had the digital sign been able to accommodate 3 digits.

Sweltering. My 6:30am Saturday morning 10-miler, although much better than I’d anticipated, left me looking like I’d jumped into the river within the first few miles. Thankfully, I have a lovely early morning view to help me count my blessings as I sweat along:


Running along the Hudson River in the early morning light honestly never gets old, and I’m reminded every morning of just how blessed I am to be alive, healthy and happy and safe, and strong and fit and able to choose to begin my days this way.


I never, ever want to take my health for granted, and when a run feels tough, I tell myself, “You’re blessed to be able to do this. You are choosing to do this.”


So this was one of the highlights of my July 4th weekend, finishing that hot run and being reminded of how much I have to be thankful for.

Oh, and the NYC fireworks?? Huddled with my girlfriends, with an unobstructed view from a rooftop in Midtown West, they were nothing short of spectacular.




Something about fireworks that never get old…it’s like a little bit of magic; a moment of suspended contentment where everything feels just so and you are content to simply be, sharing space and time with some of your favorite people in a life that just makes sense.

Happy Summer, friends.


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