Day 11 of Sept. Blogging Challenge: Make a Wish

before i go ahead with my planned post for today, i want to take a moment to remember the tragedy that happened on this day 13 years ago. i know many of us were affected (either directly or indirectly, and certainly emotionally) by this horrific event, and it’s amazing how our country came together in the face of such devastation and rallied to support and pray for those who lost loved ones.

working a mere few blocks from the actual site gives me a heightened awareness of this reality on a daily basis. we can see the beautiful Memorial from our office windows, and it serves as a constant reminder of the sacrifices and bravery that mark that day in history.  today, i’m thankful to be living in this wonderful city, and to see and hear all the support, love and empathy that radiates from here — and toward here — today.

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not sure quite how to transition, soooo, let’s just move on…

to the September Blogging Challenge, #11 (although just day 2 for me).

september-blogging-challenge-2today is “Make a Wish.”

hmmmm, not quiiiiite sure how to take this. like, do i have to tell you all my wish? it’d seem that way, or else this is a worthless blog post. but then i’m obviously filtering through my wishes (SO MANY WISHES TO HAVE) and choosing a “blog appropriate” wish. and i could be totally ridiculous and wish for something silly or impossible, like world peace or rock-hard abs (without the work) or to win an Olympic medal in snowboarding…

right, see the dilemma here? sooo let’s make this easy peasey — i’m going to wish for:

more discipline and self-control in committing to the endeavors i so badly want to achieve. these fall into a number of categories, including (but not limited to):

  • fitness/running/workouts/body “stuff”
  • future career and all that comes with it (finishing my grad program being the first step)
  • blogging
  • prioritizing my friendships and spending time with the people who really matter the most to me
  • spiritual disciplines: reading my Bible, getting plugged into a church or joining a small group, etc.

i tend to be my own worst critic and beat myself up, which often breeds inactivity in the very areas i desperately want to improve upon. vicious cycle that needs to stop — and i’m the only one responsible for bucking up and making my life exactly what i’d like it to be.


Your turn: what’s something you’re wishing for today?


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