Will Run For…? & so many good S things

so i totallllly almost had a trifecta going on this week, as i was halfway through a post yesterday and just couldn’t get the thing done before quittin’ time…and then i went running last night in the warm December dark, ended the run at the bar, and the night got away from me after that…

because SHOCK TOP and shenanigans and sushi and sleep all happened. because so many good things start with S. and that reminds me of this:

this is one of those images i keep in my phone for, um, every reason. also because “Shawna” clearly belongs on that list. and srunning. and swine. but not the oink kind, the (s)wine kind. right, you so get me.

so, let’s talk workouts. i’ve had two great runs so far this week: one on Monday morning to start December 1st off wonderfully (y’all saw that pic), and another last night after work. i’m loving the fact that it was 45 degrees at 6pm in December — makes running outside so much better. thankfully, the Hudson River bike/running path is fairly well-lit, so running in the dark isn’t an issue here.

wanna know something runnerd cool? i banged out this run with the exact same pace as Monday’s. that funny coincidence made me really happy. it’s the little things.

please notice alllll the fun things going on in this collage, as it’s basically a documentation of happiness for me:

*my 2nd 8:18 pace this week (i like that they’re consistent, and i like that i’m running at this pace!)

*my new runhappy outfit: i was teased for looking like i was channeling a 90s fitness video in this getup, which makes me love it even more. that Bula headband is one of my fave accessories i’ve ever purchased (i’m a sucker for a good headband), and i’m totally loving this Women’s Cold Weather New Balance Hoodie i just got last week. it’s currently on sale for $17 (!!!), so if you’re in the market for some great workout clothes, i def suggest popping over to that site. that hoodie is perfect for both running and lounging: it’s soft, dry-wick, super comfy, and the perfect length and fun color. win win win. and even more of a win if you pair it with bright blue geometric patterned capris. promise. 🙂

*proof that “will run for wine” is actually a thing. and proof that i have the best friend, who refused to take “i have to go running” as an excuse to not meet them at the bar:

photoso that completely happened: almost 7 miles later, my 90s gym-clothes-clad self made it to the bar, where my amazing friend had a drink ready for me and i didn’t have to choose between running and a social life because a girl really can have it all.

and despite my exhaustion this morning, i forced myself up and out of bed and made it to the gym just after 6am for an hour of strength, plyo and abs, featuring these lovely babies:

i’m so sosososo stoked that my building gym finally got kettlebells! (medicine balls, too, but those didn’t factor into today’s workout.) i’ve been praying for this day to arrive. i will be putting these guys to good use on the regular.

i’m psyched i got a good workout in this morning as tonight is our annual work holiday party, which i planned and help work (but of course get to enjoy as well), followed directly by The 1975 concert with my do-all-the-things friend who has wine waiting for me after i run (wildeyes.gypsyskies — you best be following us on Instagram!), so i knew i needed to nail that workout to prep me for a long and busy and fun day/night ahead! bam.

hope everyone is loving life today! xo

Finish the sentence: “I will run for ________.”
Kettlebells: yay or nay?
Tell me a reason one of your best friends is the best friend!


7 thoughts on “Will Run For…? & so many good S things

  1. I will run for red velvet and reese’s haha lol 😛 and look at you little miss speedsta crankin’ out the awesome runs!!! Kettle bells I say try it. I never have personally but the opportunity just has not presented itself for me to.

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