Katy Perry & a fullllll weekend of fun

i suppose that when you wake up utterly exhausted on a Monday morning and have trouble being a real human, you can look at it two ways:

1. complain about it (“ugh Monday”), or
2. chalk it up to the fact that you must have had a reallllly great weekend.

imma go with the latter. so, let’s pretend it’s a Marvelous Monday, then, shall we??

first, let’s please take a moment to acknowledge that my girl crush absolutely killed the halftime show yesterday, did she not?! gosh, how i love Katy Perry.

photo: Getty Images

photo: Getty Images

after telling everyone i was rooting for her to win the Super Bowl when i was out on Saturday night (i fully acknowledge that i probably thought this was cuter than anyone else did, but i’m okay with that), i was thrilled with her fun, energetic performance. she can do no wrong in my eyes and i may or may not have some weird delusions that i think we really should be best friends. just saying.

but oh yeah, i’m glad the Patriots won, too. and i learned a few things about football last night from everyone else at the party, so i consider that a success. learning is fun.

some other marvelous things about my weekend:

*staycation. my friend Michelle lucked into apartment/dog sitting at this gorgeous loft in the West Village and graciously invited me to spend the weekend with her in this mansion of an NYC apartment, so that was all kinds of amazing. one of my fave touches: a gramophone and a gorgeous feather quill-and-ink accoutrement built into the granite marble top. my little writer’s heart did somersaults.

it was such an amazing place in which to relax and call home all weekend, so i’m thankful to have had this opportunity to experience how i will never live in NYC. πŸ™‚

*workouts. i had two stellar workouts this weekend:

Saturday morning, Michelle & i went to the Planet Fitness around the corner from our pretend apartment. my workout consisted of 20 minutes of high incline/resistance on an Arc trainer, followed by about 35-40 minutes of strength/plyo, followed by 2 miles running on a treadmill. i left feeling really sweaty and gross and so happy about it.

Sunday afternoon (pre-Super Bowl festivity preparation), i ran about 7 freezing miles along the Hudson River. the first 3.5 uptown were bearable; the last 3.5 downtown were almost not. i actually considered stopping, calling my mom to cry about not being able to feel my arms and hands, and then praying they’d send a helicopter from Albany to come pick me up and wisk me home. it was seriously miserably cold, but i’m counting it as a success because i neededdddd those miles to feel like a human again after a fun and late Saturday night out!

*eat. lots of Kind bars this weekend. these two are seriously good:

Vanilla Blueberry Healthy Grains bar

vanillablueDark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt bar

on Saturday night, we had a lil girls’ sushi date at Sushi Samba in the West Village. i’ve been here a few times before, and while the sushi is pretty decent, i think it’s main draw is that it’s a lively, always-busy, party sort of a restaurant with a fun atmosphere and a Latin-inspired twist on a sushi restaurant.

we had some sort of refreshing cucumbery drink, split edamame and a roll that had a bunch of types of fish in it, and finished off with cold sake. a nice, light meal to start off our Saturday night festivities….

*drink. we ended at our new fave speakeasy, Dear Irving, of which i raved previously when i first went a few weeks back. it’s so charming and delightful and spacious and has an amazing drink menu, and the bartenders are awesome and sweet. definitely a must-go for the speakeasy seekers in NYC. we were seated in a different room this time as well, which was lovely.

o i was perfectly content curled into the corner of that darling red plush sofa on the left. this is my idea of a perfect little spot in which to tuck away on a freeeeezing Saturday night.

while waiting for our text from Dear Irving to let us know they could accommodate us, we popped downstairs to have a glass of wine at Adalya, the Mediterranean restaurant that surely cleans up on customers awaiting their turn to enter Dear Irving. it’s actually a really cute, comfortable space, and the bartenders and staff are fabulous. we had a lovely bartender who gave us our drinks on the house, and we agreed this would be a great little wine bar to make our “regular” spot in that area…not to mention that we’re going to need some place to wait every time we’re trying to get into Dear Irving. πŸ™‚

*film. i have boundless love for Robert Downey Jr, so i’ve wanted to watch The Judge for a while now. we rented it on Friday night, and it was a phenomenal movie, and much deeper and more heartfelt than i ever imagined. i really, really enjoyed it.

*festive fun.Β  how adorable is this chocolate Rice Krispie treat football from Treat House thatΒ  friends brought to a Super Bowl party last night?! it was quite the hit.

i haven’t been to Treat House, but i definitely want to check it out and love reading about their foundation and their partnership with Food Bank for NYC. they started as a bake sale and now run a flourishing bakery, where almost all treats are gluten free, dairy free and nut free! pretty awesome success story (and super tasty, adorable treats).

and the highlight of the Super Bowl festivities (aside from being with amazing friends, of course): my great friend/former roomie and her husband live in a beautiful corner apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows downtown, and we had a straightshot view of the Empire State Building — which flashed and changed different colors in honor of both teams every time a touchdown was made! it was sooooo cool and kept us way entertained all night. πŸ™‚

way to go, Pats!

way to go, Pats!

Tell me some highlights from your weekend!
Best Super Bowl treat at your party?
Katy Perry — yes or no? and if it’s no, then please, lie to me. πŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “Katy Perry & a fullllll weekend of fun

  1. That big football rice krispies treat is perfecto!! Also love the way that sushi looks. We used to have a Sushi Samba here I think! And I need to get up there to run by the Hudson River! Love it!! Have a fabulous week!

  2. Great workouts!! Your Saturday workout sounded absolutely amazing!! πŸ™‚ Yum- vanilla + blueberry combo sounds so good!! Also, I agree that a tired Monday = a fun FUN weekend, so nothing wrong with that!! Love your attitude, too! Have a wonderful week! XOXO

  3. I want that rice crispy all over my face. Mainly because it looks huge from the photo. I didn’t watch any part of the Superbowl, so I’ll take your word on the fantastic performances. I do like KP, but prob not as much as you. πŸ™‚

  4. That’s it, I’m making it my mission to make it to Dear Irving this month. It looks so amazing!

    I’ve always wanted to take a sneak peek into some of the glamorous homes I walk past around Manhattan, especially West Village and the UES. I might die from jealousy though so perhaps it’s not the best idea…

    • you definitely should go to Dear Irving, and let me know (or post about!) how much you love it — because you will! a girlfriend and i bond over our love for walking around and looking at the amazing apts and wondering about the people who live in there…Gramercy Park area is killer for that.

  5. Wow, sounds like you had a pretty epic weekend, full of anything a girl could ask for. Wine, sushi, workouts, NYC – fun fun fun! My weekend was fun too – lots of biking and relaxing with family. And I can relate to wanting to call family during a horrible run, but lucky enough I live in the same town as my folks still. In fact, I did call my dad to pick me up once… oh tummy troubles hahaha.

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