thinking out loud (the Brooklyn edition)

heya, party people. i’m linking up with Amanda at running with spoons this week for her Thinking out Loud Thursday posts, because that seems fun and i never do it and sometimes it’s good to do things you don’t regularly do. except that i’m mainly just thinking about Brooklyn & friendship & California but hey this still counts right?

Thinking-Out-Loud1. i have become quite the Brooklyneer (Brooklynite? Brooklynista?) this past week! i think i went a total of 5 times last year (please let me add that i love Brooklyn and have never had a bad time there and am constantly asserting that i must go more often but just never seem to get myself there), and now i’ve been there 3 times in the past week. this is significant progress! i should have made my New Year’s Resolution to go to Brooklyn more often, rather than my lofty aspirations to write a book & stop eating sugar & date a beach bum (spoiler alert: those will probably be reinstated for 2016). anyhoo, i trekked out to Greenpoint last night (which is actually where my lovely mom was born), for the bestest of reasons:

this girl & her sweet hubby were in town from California.

IMG_7048i know i’m a broken record about having the best girlfriends in the universe, but i can’t say it enough, especially when faces like this grace my life. lovely Miss Ali was one of my dearests when we both moved to NYC, and she sadly left to return to her home state of Cali and forced me to miss her every day. i was so thankful for the few short hours i was able to spend with her last night (at this siiiiiick apartment they found in an apt swap) and was reminded of how life can give you those “tucked away into the heart of all the best things” moments so unexpectedly, and you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than right where you are.

FullSizeRenderoh, and this view sure didn’t hurt, either.

bkviewso between running the Brooklyn Half last weekend and having the best night in at a dope apartment drinking amazing wine with incredible people, i think it’s safe to say that i’m becoming quite the fan of Brooklyn.

2. i want to run another half marathon. like, now. Brooklyn was the first i’ve done in a year, i think, and i am still on a post-race high and remembering why i love that distance. we were discussing running in California last night and it dawned on me that this would be the perfect storm of running glory for me, as i’m obsessed with running and i’m obsessed with California and the two should probably meet sooner than later in my life. i realllly want to run the Napa to Sonoma Half in July but it’s sold out. brrrrpppp maybe next year. also i’ll be in Montauk that weekend so that’d be RUDE to cancel that trip. the Sloppy Tuna and Vegas-in-the-Hamptons beach scene needs to be done.

3. i have all but given up wearing anything but gym clothes almost every second of my life that i’m not at work. i actually text people “hey i’m still coming over/out tonight but i’m in gym clothes, hope that’s okay,” just in case they had any preconceived notions of going anywhere other than their apartment or for a run and to pre-warn them of my suitability for public outings. but also i’m really thinking of my friends because if we suddenly are out of wine and someone has to run to the store, well HI, i can jet right out and back so speedily. YOU’RE WELCOME.

i made sure Ali knew this when i was going to BK last night. she promised she’d be in pjs.

girlsone of us kept our end of the bargain. but we were hair twinning so that made me happy. #thelittlethings

messy buns & those Danskin Now capris (thank God i bought them in 3 colors b/c i wear them all the motherloving time, although that aqua color gets the most play because it’s my fave color) is just how i like to live my life. which brings me to my last point…

4. i think i probably belong in California. they don’t wear “real” clothes there, do they?

happy day before the Friday of a long weekend, friends!! xo.

Anyone else love Brooklyn? Whatcha love about it?

Have any fave workout gear items that you can’t stop wearing?

Whatcha doing for the long weekend?


10 thoughts on “thinking out loud (the Brooklyn edition)

  1. I worked in Manhattan for over a year and NEVER once have I been to Brooklyn. I feel somewhat ashamed of that since I hear it’s quite a happening place! : ) Lulu run inspires or their run swiftly tank. I can never have enough. I’m making my way out to Nantucket for the long weekend and can’t wait! Hope you’re having a great Thursday!

  2. I really wish I had spent more time in BKN when I was in NYC. Every time I was there I had fun! but it was a bit of a slog for me to get there. But damn it is fun!

  3. I practically live in workout gear too!!! Only I don’t know that I have a favorite item…maybe my blue New Balance tank. It’s so soft and comfy! I think I’ve worn it for 3 races now including Brooklyn last week 🙂 Ohh also, I even wear my Kinvaras to work. Since my foot sprain, I don’t risk anything and my work is casual enough that I get to just live in my running shoes!

  4. I get the same way with half marathons, I haven’t done one since October. I don’t have a huge desire to do one right now though, I’m enjoying daily 3-5 milers! SIGN UP FOR ANOTHER ONE!

  5. Brooklynite.

    I just moved to BK this past spring. I used to live in Astoria and Hoboken. Love it! Love running in Prospect Park and then having delicious banana fosters French Toast at Blessings afterward.

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