Friday Five(s)

My week in 5s:

5 restaurants/bars (it’s been a busy week!)
*Lupa, one of Mario Batali’s restaurants, which is an adorably quaint little gem tucked away in Greenwich Village. i went on Monday for the first time when my friend was in town, because his friend works there, and it was really cute.
*Circus Cafe in Saratoga, NY. i’m such a fan of this spot and usually end up there when i’m in Saratoga. it has a cool old Victorian circus vibe, and i really like their menu selections.
*Eatery in Hell’s Kitchen. this is one of my semi-regular spots, especially for brunch. can never go wrong here. i had their fish tacos for the first time this week, and they were really good.
*Flute champagne bar in Midtown. why don’t i go here more often?? i need to make this place a regular occurrence in my life. the funny thing is that i lived in the apartment building directly above it for a month when i first moved to NYC, and yet i never go here. it’s a wonderfully charming little champagne and jazz bar tucked away underground that provides the ideal ambiance for a cozy little date.
*Bea. this is pretty much my favorite spot, and definitely my go-to for good food and cocktails. i’m either biased or fortunate or both, because it’s actually on my street and requires very little effort to get to…but i think it’s second-to-none for the sort of atmosphere it offers, and i love everything about this charming spot.

5Β  things that made me happy
*flowers. because my apartment is a much happier place when Gerbera daisies greet
*sunsets from train rides. i’m headed back upstate tonight and am really loving my summer train rides along the river.

*a green dress. i’m going to one of my close friends’ weddings tomorrow in Saratoga (can’t get enough of that city lately!), and i had my heart set on wearing green, for some reason. i found a dress i think i love so i’m hoping it all comes together as well as it is in my head. πŸ™‚
*reading. i’m almost done with my current book and it reminds me how much i love to read and need to have that consistently in my life. i spend too much time on my phone & computer and need more quiet time with books.
*making things. when i was younger, i was a huge fan of making friendship bracelets, so i recently decided to get back into that. having a crafty project of any kind makes my life a little more fulfilling, and i’m stoked to make some for my friends! here’s to being 12 again!

5 things i’m eating/drinking
*avocado. guac, salads, anytime, anywhere…i can’t stop.
*mangoes. i’m on a definite kick.
*fish tacos. on a menu = i have to have them.
*La Croix sparkling water. peach pear & cran-raspberry have been my go-to drinks lately.
*NOT SWEETS. okay so that’s technically not a 5th bullet BUT i’m totally staying away from chocolates/sweets/goodies lately and feeling really good about this.

5 things for which i’m feeling thankful
*great conversations that remind you of the importance of filling your life with genuine people.
*the fact that i’m not very girlie. funny, i know, but riding my bike and running in the pouring rain several times this week made me so happy, and i couldn’t care less about going to work/out with wet hair.
*having friends all around the country/world. i love having people to visit in other places.
*my job. it’s far from my ideal situation, but it affords me the chance to live in this amazing city and fills my days with great people, and i should be more grateful for that. all things are temporary, so who knows what comes next, but this is where i am right now…and i could be more positive about it.
*full weekends! i’ve had something fun every weekend so far this summer and am stoked for the upcoming 3 as well. πŸ™‚

happy Friday, loves!

Tell me something fabulous from your week, that you did or ate or for which you’re thankful!
Who can i come visit next?!
i need another long weekend trip to a fun city!


13 thoughts on “Friday Five(s)

  1. Yay! I love the mention of Circus Cafe. I grew up half my life (age 7+) in Upstate NY and spent much time in Saratoga with the family. ALSO, I definitely recognize that sunset πŸ™‚ Gotta love amtrak rides to the city!

    I’m also thankful for fun full weekends. Have had a few trips and other events planned almost every weekend this summer and it’s been fun! Tonight is a work event/Indians baseball game!

  2. Things seem to be going really well in your world. It’s great to take time and notice/appreciate all of the little things that make us happy!

    Do you have a lot of markets or shops where you can easily pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers?

    I am the same way with fish tacos. They ALWAYS sound good during the summer months.

    You can always come to Oregon! πŸ˜‰

    • I actually really want to come to Oregon! And your gorgeous pix make it look incredible. We do have a lot of lil markets and shops with nice flowers nearby.

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