2 Things Tuesday {8.4.15}

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ONE: running update. because this is certainly overdue, yeesh. okay, so, i’m sort of off the plan at the moment. life has been so busy, it’s been so stinking hot, my legs have been sore on and off and not wanting to run too much in the heat, sooooo i’m basically doing what i can and not beating myself up over it.

Saturday: 9.5 miles uptown along the river toward Harlem; pace somewhere around an 8:40 (don’t remember exactly).
Sunday: 7.5-8 miles (forgot my Garmin but i know that’s a good estimate) downtown along the river to the FiDi; pace prob more around a 9-min mile (i ran at 11am and it was SO HOT)

so, i haven’t hit any double-digits and i’m definitely supposed to have been in them by now, but i’m not too worried about it. i’m doing what i can/feel like and that’s that. sure, i’d like to run the marathon — most days πŸ™‚ — but if i don’t feel like it, i’m honestly not too concerned with it. the first time i trained for a full marathon, i was so stoked about it and set on it; this time, i’m really pretty chill about it. if i feel ready, cool. if not, i’m still enjoying running and can use that long weekend to go away somewhere. win win.

TWO: favorite places. there’s a spot on The Highline that stops me in my tracks every single time, and while i’ve taken photos of it multiple times, i never had one of me in front of it — until now.

highlinei’ve stood in that spot, suspended above the city and overlooking 25th St. in Chelsea, and marveled over Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra’s vibrant graffiti mural rendition of the famed 1945 photograph V-J Day in Times Square countless times, and it makes my heart so happy to have this photo of me in this spot. i feel relaxed & content just looking at it.

and in case you wanted to draw comparisons or jog your memory, here’s the original wartime photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt, of the sailor kissing the nurse right in the middle of NYC on Victory over Japan Day:

i love both the original and the modern, urban rendition that captures my full attention on every Highline walk, and i’m reminded every time of just how fortunate i am to live in a city that blends art & culture & grit & beauty & the rawness of every day, non-glamorous city life into something magical and indelible.

What’s something special/unique that you love about your city/town?
Runners: How’re you dealing with summer running?
Tell me anything fun from your weekend!


18 thoughts on “2 Things Tuesday {8.4.15}

  1. Those are still some great runs despite the heat. I cannot believe I’ve never been to the Highline. It is on my to do list. I thought of you on Sunday when an aunt gave us “Madeline.” I had to tell them about your blog post and bar adventure.

    • awww that just made my day, that you thought of me and the Madeline bar! i hope you make it there, and to the Highline! maybe we’ll bump into each other sometime when you’re here if you have free time — i know life is so crazy!

  2. I hate summer running, so I keep my miles short. Once every so often (like on my recent post) I bust on a 6-8 miler, but any further than that and I’d rather not run. I’m OK with that though! Love that photo of you AND the original.

  3. Love your outlook! Definitely just feel it out and if you feel like jumping back on plan do it, if not whatever! The marathon distance will always be there. The heat has been ridic out here so I’ve been getting up super early to squeeze in runs. I am however loving my tan as of late!

  4. That’s my favorite stop too. I Love Seward Johnson’s statue called Unconditional Surrender in NJ and Sarasota, Fl.

  5. I run all year round so summer is just summer. Really, I prefer the heat to cold winter days. As for your running. Do you run alone? I ask because if you ran with someone else, I’m sure you could easily do double digit runs. The time just goes by much quicker.

    • oh i do run alone and i have no probs with it and actually enjoy the “me” time — running is my personal thing and i love it that way. and yep i can swing the double digits fine, just so hot this weekend!

  6. Los Angeles is Dirty, Loud & Traffic Filled… But I still love it because it never ever gets boring. There is always something to do if you want to do something… And there are escapes if you need to get out of the hustle and bustle! πŸ™‚

  7. You’re still killing it – 9.5 miles in the heat is awesome, lady. And of course, another awesome picture this week! Love it. I live in Allentown and it’s pretty historic with the old steel factory right next door on Bethlehem, but I’m also one town over from Runners World and neighbors with Bart Yasso! It’s definitely not the city but it’s a fun place to live!

    • thxxx lady! ahhh cool to be so close to Runenr’s World — that’s where they do that half marathon every year, right? with the 5 and 10Ks the two days before? one of my friends was looking to buy a house in Bethlehem, actually, and i used to live in a town by that name upstate!

      • Yes the Runners World Festival! I’ve done it twice. They added a trail run this year! I am not sure which (if any) of the races I will do this year because Hartford is the week before!

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