ohhh, 2014. starting off beautifully.

happy new year, friends! i’ve been suuuuuch the procrastinating blogger lately. apparently spending nearly two weeks at home with the fam and friends upstate put me on a hiatus from just about everything involving a computer. sometimes, you just need to unplug and regroup, and spend more time enjoying the magic and beauty in every day life that we so often pass by in our rushrushrush of a daily existence.

there really is so much of the beautiful in our world, and the shame is that we fail to spend enough time basking in it and allowing it to seep over the edges of our lives and into our skin. i pray that in 2014, i spend more time noticing the beautiful in all that i encounter, and embrace this charming world with an open heart and hopeful eyes.

i woke up Saturday morning bright-n-early to spend the day on the slopes, and the friend i was riding with called me en route to my house to insist i get myself outside and get lost in the sunrise. i padded out in my long johns onto a snow-filled deck in zero degree weather…and all but had the breath knocked out of me by the intensity of such beauty.

standing solo at 7am against a wildfire sky just beginning to break with the promise of a new day, scarcely minding the biting cold against which i hugged myself, it seemed to me that there was suddenly nothing more i needed in life than the ability to experience the wonder in the natural world around me and know that i was among the very blessed. to fall in love with a sky is one thing; to lose yourself completely in a masterpiece seemingly created just for you, in that one ephemeral moment, was something altogether different. i felt as though i were the only one alive on earth at that moment, and that this was all for me.

talk about starting the day off magnificently.

i snowboarded both days this weekend at Jiminy Peak, a short little drive from my parents’ house, and it was glorious. the days were crystalline blue, the air cold and clear, the conditions pretty darn terrific, and the company outstanding. there’s something about sitting on a chair lift, suspended between sky and earth, swinging past evergreens laden with snow and thinking, “this is as good as life gets, right here. this is true contentment.”


and until you fall off that chair lift, nothing can infringe upon your sense of absolute belonging. 🙂

here’s to the start of another year, which hopefully grows more wonderfully inviting with each passing day. so far, so great for me. started it off with a salsa party, wonderful people, and shredding the mountains — pretty darn ideal.

happy and blessed beginning to 2014, loves. xoxo

Are you into winter sports? Skier/boarder?

What are you looking forward to this year?


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